Marketing Small Talk — Part 1: Disney+’s Customers, Netflix vs. Customers, What Does Peloton Sell?, Who is Coupang?

This series of postings is titled ‘marketing small talk.’ In this series, I share marketing insights that I have obtained. Each posting of this series only has a small number of chunks (this posting has only four chunks) so that you can easily read the whole of each posting. Enjoy this posting and hope you can get any marketing insight. Also, welcome to all your comments (e.g., agree/disagree on each chunk, similar example you have seen).

Who are the Customers of Disney+?

Netflix vs. Customers

In Mar. 2021, Netflix decided to crack down the accounts of its subscribers who share their accounts with others who are not living with them together. It is known that approximately one-third of Netflix’s subscribers are sharing their accounts with others.

Yes, you are seeing right. Netflix decided to find out those who do not comply with the rule out of one-third of Netflix’s subscribers and sanction them. Netflix’s subscribers (regardless of whether the subscribers have complied or have not complied with this rule) and even Netflix’s potential customers now may regard Netflix as a brand ready to fight against its customers. Thus, Netflix subscribers’ loyalty to Netflix will be decreased, the subscribers will be more likely to quit the subscription, and potential customers will be less likely to subscribe to Netflix.

Regardless of what is right or wrong, Netflix’s decision will deteriorate the customer equity of Netflix. Matthew Harrigan who is a stock analyst of Benchmark Co. noted that Netflix’s stock price is expected to be decreased due to the disclosure of Netflix’s plan of cracking down on the subscribers’ accounts. Dear Netflix, we acknowledge that you are the strongest brand in the market but making your customers feel uncomfortable by your laziness on cracking down seems not a good choice.

What Does Peloton Sell?

Because COVID-19 is relieving, it seems that the stock market participants expect that the demand for home fitness will be decreased and so the demand for Peloton’s products will do. Peloton stock price has been decreased by almost 25 percent from Feb. 2021 to Mar. 2021.

But, in my opinion, Peloton does not just sell bikes and treads for its users to do home fitness. Peloton sells motivation helping its users to keep lasting working out. The strength of Peloton lies in showing the “working out” videos via online streaming, which motivates its users to keep lasting working out. We need such motivation regardless of the presence of COVID-19. This is why I think the end of COVID-19 will not make Peloton fail its business.

Who is Coupang?

The name of the brand, Coupang, has been well positioned in South Korean’s minds as the best brand providing a ‘fast delivery’ service. Hope this information will help those who do not know Coupang, yet.

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